Sunday, June 10, 2007

A quick post...

I realized that I needed to correct a previous post. When I said that we "never felt unsafe or worried," I did not mean to include those first few minutes when we were temporarily scared out of our minds. So, I apologize.

As Gid said, all is well now. We meet Evan in about an hour and then take a ferry back to the mainland at 5pm (4am by most of you guys). After a 2.5 hour bus ride, we will hope on an 11-hour night/sleeper train to take us into Malaysia, where we plan a few more days on the western coast and on an island called Pulau Perhentian.

Jackie and Co., I will reveal the Asian trinket... As soon as I buy it. For now, there is still a current contest regarding the cost of Gideon's medical procedures.

Love to all.


ST said...

Hey Gid -This is Justin, visiting my aunt and uncle, Shaz & Mervito. Hey Gid, I got a tat on the upper portion of my left arm - for Trevor. You'll love it.
I'm guessing $10.25 for everything.
Bro, our grad party is on the 23rd, so you better come - our band is playing.
Later ..... your cuz

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